RV Insurance

Families love hitting the road in their RVs, and if it seems like you’re seeing more of them on the highways, you’re right.


According to industry figures, there are approximately 9 million RV owners in the U.S., with sales continuing to climb—and more than two-thirds of owners intend to purchase another RV in the future. It’s not just retirees, either: Families with kids under 18 make up about 40% of owners.

  • In most states, we write motor homes with a value of up to $1 million and travel trailers up to $300,000—an important distinction in today’s market, which features many luxury models.
  • A wide variety of RVs are eligible for our program, including fifth wheels, toy haulers, folding camping trailers, truck-mounted campers, horse trailers, professional bus conversions and more.
  • In addition to several levels of protection for liability and property damage, in many states we offer coast-to-coast roadside assistance, loan/lease coverage, vacation liability, personal effects replacement and more.
  • Owners can choose from agreed value, replacement cost or actual cash value for loss settlement.

Popular optional coverage's that may be available


Diminishing deductible

For customers who remain claim-free, we’ll reduce their collision deductible by $100 with each annual policy renewal, up to a maximum of five years or $500.


Roadside assistance

Covers assistance after a breakdown, including changing a flat tire, delivering essential fluids, towing and help from a locksmith if keys are locked in an RV. 


Emergency assistance

Includes all the features of Roadside Assistance and adds coverage for personal property, temporary living expenses and transportation costs if a customer’s RV becomes uninhabitable.


Aftermarket and custom equipment

Protects audio, visual and custom equipment that was not installed at the factory or dealership. AV systems and equipment, such as a stereo, DVD player or a flat-screen TV, must be permanently installed. Custom equipment includes any part that modifies the appearance or performance of the RV, such as an awning, a modified or custom engine, exterior tool boxes, special carpeting, custom wheels and decorative decals.


Loan or lease protection

In the event of a total loss, this covers the difference between how much is left on a customer’s loan or lease and how much the RV is actually worth.


Personal property coverage

Covers damage or theft of some personal belongings while in the RV.


Personal effects replacement cost

Up to $50,000 in replacement-cost coverage for damage to contents not physically attached to the RV, including cameras and accompanying equipment, radios and clothes. Even items used outside the vehicle are covered up to 25% of their replacement-cost limit.


Electronic lock and key replacement

Replaces stolen electronic keys and remote-control pads and locks at no extra charge, with no deductible applied.


Pet coverage

Helps cover veterinary expenses or provides a death benefit if a customer’s cat or dog is injured or dies in a collision.