How do I get a quote?

We provide instant quotes on several different types of insurance policies available on the Insurance Quote page.

How do I submit a claim?

Your claim will be handled directly by your carrier. The claims department phone number can be found in our company directory as well as listed in the correspondence that you receive from your carrier. Feel free to contact us for this information as well. Our companies are very helpful and professional in handling your claim. On the occasion that you are not satisfied with the way things are being handled, we are more than happy to step in and help settle the conflict. We are your agent and are here to help you in any way we can.

How do I buy a policy from insuranceBeacon.com?

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...
1. Obtain an instant quote. This will help you to see the potential savings you could realize by buying a policy through one of our quality carriers.
2. Provide us with the additional information needed to qualify your quote. Our customer service agents are experienced professionals that can help you to qualify for the most preferred best-priced policy available.
3. Bind your policy. Our customer service agents work with you online to bind your policy, all in real time. You will receive your ID cards or Evidence of Insurance certificate instantly, where applicable, plus any other important documentation that applies.

Why should I use an Independent Agency and Specifically InsuranceBeacon.com?

Since we are an independent agency we work with several different carriers to find you the best coverage at the best prices. We are not an employee of the insurance carrier and can therefore provide you with unbiased advice and help with your policy. Saving money is another advantage of doing business with us. The way we do business has allowed us to be more profitable than a traditional brick and mortar independent agency. This has allowed us to sell our policies at a lower commission and thereby pass the savings on to you the consumer. You may find that the premium quote you receive from us is lower than another company for the same policy.

How do I make A Change to My Account?

We want to make communication with us as easy as possible. One way is to tell us directly by phone, email, chat, voice over Internet, or online form. We will be happy to make any changes to your policy you request. Another way may be to contact your insurance carrier directly. Many companies today allow the policyholder to contact them directly 24/7. You can find a company directory on our site that will give contact information for each of our carriers. We are currently working with our carrier to provide instant policy changes directly through our site. Many of our companies already provide this service directly (an additional login to the carrier site is required).

What States are You currently Doing Business in?

As of the end of 2022, we are writing certain types of policies in Arizona, California, Washington, Oregon, and Colorado. We are also teamed up with several other providers to provide quotes in all states for several products.

How Accurate is the Initial "Instant Quote" I receive?

Your quote depends on many factors that are different from company to company and may include factors such as age, sex, zip code where you live, the type of vehicle you drive, the use of the vehicle, and credit score. The "instant quote" that you receive is an estimate based on several, but not necessarily all factors, plus some assumptions that are made for the sake of your time and convenience. This quote represents a "ballpark estimate" and the final rate could be more or less depending on the final verification process.

Why is Credit Important to an Insurance Carrier?

While your credit score will not prevent you from obtaining coverage, it may help you to qualify for a more preferred product. Many insurance carriers today have found that there is a direct correlation between an insured's credit rating and the chances of them having a claim. While this obviously isn't true in every case, the numbers are clear that there is a correlation. 

Can I switch to InsuranceBeacon.com before my renewal date?

Absolutely. However, we advise that you check with your current carrier to see what penalties if any will be assessed for an early termination of your policy and how long a refund of your premium might take. Most carriers will simply pro-rate your premium and refund the unearned portion of your premium.

Can I use insuranceBeacon.com as my agent if i am already insured through one of the companies you represent?

You bet! Simply fill out the agent of record form and submit it, we do the rest. Contact us first if you would like and we will be happy to assist you.

How Can I get another proof of insurance or ID card?

Simply log in under the "manage my account button" and you will find an option to print another card. You will also be given the option to fax proof of insurance to where ever you would like. This comes in helpful for those occasions when your mortgage company or the car dealer is looking for proof of insurance. If you need any assistance, feel free to call the office! We'd be happy to help!

Are my payments and other information that i provide secure?

We are very serious about your privacy. We use a secured site to help insure that your information is protected. Please read more in our Privacy & Security Policy.

How can I save money on my policy?

There are several ways to save money on your policy. Our experienced professionals are well trained to recognize opportunities to help you save money including deductible and coverage limits reviews and making sure that all appropriate credits have been applied.

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